Films viewed in 2011

277. Contagion

In Thriller on September 26, 2011 at 4:05 PM

Dir. Steven Soderberg

An international team of doctors try to deal with the outbreak of a new and incredibly deadly disease.


Is it a coincidence that I had flu symptoms the minute I stepped out of watching Contagion? I don’t think so. But Virus-Vision allegations aside, the film effectively capitalizes on the recent H1N1 paranoia by treating the subject with a clinical matter-of-fact detachment. Steven Soderberg’s realistic style might actually be worse for fear mongering than if it would have been sensationalized (like the disaster epic 2012). The film also doesn’t end as much as simply conclude, leaving a few fill-in-the-blank resolutions for the large cast of many stars. Gweneth Paltrow’s best scene, by the way, is her autopsy.


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